Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Wedding Eustoma

Good morning everyone!

Wedding is always an important point in our lives so today I decided to show you something I've made recently.

When I was making this small flower arrangement I was thinking for something soft and delicate inspired from the monochrome vintage French style!

To achieve the ethereal texture of the flower petals, this time I used Zephyr Silk Foam.  It can be manipulated easily by using your hands without heat treatment or ironing. I was surprise how easy the petals can be rolled and shaped. The result was more than stunning :-)

To cut the petals I used Whimsy Rose Petal Flower Die.
I chose pale purple and lime green because those colours are one of the most favorites for the brides, besides this, they bring sophisticated beauty.

You can see a piece of enchanting lace in the background, called Elenor, which you can find on the

Last finishing touches...I added some blossoms of a dogwood tree!

I hope you like my small bridal bouquet!
Thank you for visiting!

Elena xxx

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