Monday, 30 October 2017

Pumpkin flower- tutorial

Hello everyone!

Today I have  tutorial for you: "Foam Pumpkin Flower"
Let's start:
I used zephyr silk and Whimsy Lily/Poinsettia Die set. Cut out the 2 flowers and cut the petals to make individual petals.

I put each petal on the iron very quickly and pushed onto the mould. Now I have petals with details:)

I used ol pastels to coloring my petals. I rolled petals on my fingers ( only 0,5-1 cm)

Take some stamens. I added a piece of foam on the end

I attached the petals by sticking them to the foam on the stamens. I used hot glue. I add floral tape to the stalk.

Now I prepare a leaf. I used iranian foam. I made a paper pattern and cut a leaf. I put my leaf on iron ( silk temperature) . I rolled my leaf on my fingers and and shaped. I coloured with white pastels on the edge of leaf leaf and stick line.

I made a wire spring:), and ...... pumpkin with florwer is ready:)

 Do you like it?
See you:)