Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Winter Poppies

Hi everyone!

It's me again! 
My inspiration for you this time is those purple-violet-bluish vibrant and extraordinary Foamiran Poppy Flowers. I know, I know,  they're quite unusual, but why not? In the flower world there are a vast amount of unbelievable colour combinations :-).

Poppies were made out of Genuine white and purple Foamiran, whereas the leaves were made out of Silk Suite.

There were many stamens needed in the centrepiece so I've used two-tone stamens and colored the white part in light blue to get the necessary colour combination.

For the leaves I went with, already my favorite, Silk Suite CREAM, printing it with a Chrysanthemum Leaf mould. The last one I find very appropriate for making leaves suitable to my arrangement.

Coloring was very important part for this project! As you can see I used a few of them to gain the necessary combination such as prussian blue, violet, lilac, purple and malachite green oil pastels. It was such a fun to play with those once.

That's my feeling about the upcoming winter, bright and vibrant - saturated with particles from the past summer :-)! 
                            Thank you for visiting!
                                 Hugs,Elena xxx

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  1. Amazing poppies Elena! Love your beautiful creations every time I’m a big fan, hugs, Ivy

    1. Thank you so mych Ivy! I hardly appreciate your support and your lovely comments!!! I do my best every time when I make my flowers! Hugs, Elena

  2. Wow, this looks amazing! Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  3. Oh My Goodness, these are stunning.