Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Anthurium Bouquet

Hello everyone!

I know, I know....It's the end of November, but what about if we could escape for awhile from here and find ourselves on an equatorial island paradise ... crystal clear waters are fringed with spotless white beaches, exotic birds, 
lush and verdant greenery whilst coconut palms gently curling in the breeze and of course ... tropical flowers :-)

This tropical bouquet was made out of Silk Suite Foam and printed with Mould Anthurium Petals. I've used some oil pastels to highlight those vibrant colours.

The technique of printing is absolutely the same as the one I showed earlier in the tutorial about Chrysanthemum leaves.

Thank you for coming!
Elena xxx

The products used can be ordered in the Noor! Design U.K. webshop:


  1. Elena! You’re insanely awesome! I absolutely love the vibrant flowers! ❤️

  2. Elena, this is just so wonderful. It looks so real. X