Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Flower spread Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Today I will show you not just one individual flower but also how to make a delicate flower spray from a few of the pretty open flowers. A flower arrangement like this can be used both for a scrapbook decoration and also for
a stunning flower accessory.

To make this flower spray you will need:

  •     A strip of white foamiran 4.5 cm x 31.5 cm,
  •     a strip of Dark green foamiran 1.5 cm x 18 cm,
  •     a cocktail stick,
  •     a glue gun with a glue stick,
  •     an iron, 
  •     pink (or some other colour) oil pastel,
  •     approximately 20 double-headed Vintage Rose 1 mm flower stamens, 
  •     a piece of a kitchen sponge,
  •     scissors,
  •     florist wire #30,
  •     a piece of green florist tape
  •     flower tool,
  •     a ruler 
  •     tweezers. 

From the white foamiran strip cut seven equal squares, 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm approximately.

Draw a five petal flower shape into each square.

Cut each shape out.

Colour the edges of the petals on both sides with a little extra emphasis on the tips of the petals.

Heat the petals using the iron.

Push the centre of the flower with the flower making tool from the non-heated side.

Perforate each flower in the centre using a cocktail stick as indicated.

Using tweezers, stick a bunch of stamens (at about 1 cm in length) as shown in my photograph. Three double headed stamens are pretty much enough for each flower.

Prepare seven pieces of florist wire 10 – 12 cm in length.

Make a little loop at the end of every piece of wire.

Place the wire in the flower as indicated in the photos.

Adhere with a drop of hot glue and apply the little bunch of stamens in the centre of the flowers.

Clutch the petals as shown.

Attach the flowers in a small bunch with a piece of florist tape.

From the strip of green foamiran shape two leaves.

Using the iron heat both of them.

Fold it along its length and bend it slightly as I have indicated.

Attach the shaped leaves at the bottom of the spray with glue and a piece of florist tape. 

Now the flower spray completely finished. 

Thank you for stopping by!
Hava a happy crafting!
Elena xxx

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  1. Oh, how sweet flower spray!!! Love it! Thanks so much for the detailed tutorial!!!